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Are You Wanting a Classic Exterior Look? Check Out This Project in Parkville

Are You Wanting a Classic Exterior Look? Check Out This Project in Parkville

  • July 15, 2022

Here at By The Blade, Patrick Vogt and our team of design specialists are here to help with a wide variety of projects. We can handle any requests from the extravagant to the simple.

We specialize in building custom pools for our clients that are everything they could have ever dreamed of…and more! Many of our projects include unique pool layouts, custom rock walls, spa features, jacuzzis, exterior lighting, outdoor kitchens, and anything else you can think of for an outdoor living space.

Then there are some projects that still provide style and beauty but are much simpler in their final appearance. Many homeowners want a more traditional or classic look that doesn’t include lots of flair or attention.

As one of the best lawn and landscape companies in Parkville, our crews at By The Blade know that a simplified design can be the perfect choice for many different types of homes – including the one featured in this article. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics of this particular project.

By The Blade

Complete Tear Out

When you hire one of the best landscape construction companies in Parkville, they often prefer to start with a blank canvas. That’s what we did with this particular project. We ripped out all of the old landscaping in front of the house to make way for all the new additions.

Front Entryway Additions

The front entrance needed some serious upgrades and our crews certainly delivered those. Patrick Vogt and his design team worked with this customer and decided on a new walkway with a classic brick ribbon to match the other accents of the home.

Our crews also installed a much-needed drainage system before the landscaping was installed. This will help reduce water erosion in the future.

By The Blade

Hardscape Upgrades

The hardscape is one of the most noticeable upgrades for this particular project. We added natural stone, gray edgers, moss boulders, Colorado cobble stones, and natural flagstone steppers. All of these eye-catching features help complement the beautiful Indian limestone veneer walls.

To top it all off, the berms on both sides of the yard are fully equipped with lush greenery. Some noteworthy items include evergreen trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, ornamental flowers, and double ground dark mulch.


All of these amazing new features needed to be showcased in a beautiful manner, so we added premium lighting to fully display this new layout. We installed an FX LED Luxor Lighting System fully equipped with path lights and under cap lights. These will help illuminate this customer’s gorgeous new front yard living area.

By The Blade

Patrick Vogt and his design team at By The Blade did such a great job on this front yard project, this client ended up asking them to do the backyard next! This just solidifies the fact that By The Blade is a premier lawn and landscape company in Parkville.

If you would like to hire our team of lawn and landscape professionals for your next project, give us a call today at 816-400-4144 or contact us online for more information. We can’t wait to meet with you and discuss your next big project!