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Beautiful Outdoor Decks Designed and Built by Patrick Vogt and His Crew at By The Blade

Beautiful Outdoor Decks Designed and Built by Patrick Vogt and His Crew at By The Blade

  • February 1, 2022

What’s the key to having a beautiful outdoor living space? As a longtime lawn and landscape company in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City, By The Blade has been asked that question many times. The answer, there truly isn’t one thing that makes an outdoor living space amazing. It involves having multiple features that you and your loved ones enjoy.

Your family may love swimming, so obviously, a pool would be a great addition. If your family loves to grill out, then a nice outdoor kitchen would be perfect for you. However, if there is one component that is a great addition to nearly any outdoor living area, it’s a beautiful new deck.

In this article, you’ll see some of the gorgeous decks designed by Patrick Vogt and his team of professionals at By The Blade. You’ll quickly see how a custom deck can transform a living space from ordinary to extraordinary! Here’s just a few of our favorite projects in the Kansas City area.

Spectacular Multi-Level Deck and Spacious Outdoor Living Area

Patrick Vogt

As one of the top pool design companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City, we know how amazing this deck would look as a backdrop to your backyard swimming pool. The elevated deck includes plenty of space for seating, outdoor dinners, and is a great place to soak up the sun.

If you prefer to stay a little bit cooler in the summer, head over to the spiral stairs and go down to the living space underneath the deck. With plenty of shade and ample living space, this is a great place to enjoy the shade and the slightly lower temperatures.

This beautiful deck, designed by Patrick Vogt and his crews, is versatile enough to accommodate many guests on both the top and bottom levels.

Keeping it Simple with a Traditional Wooden Deck

Patrick Vogt

If you want to keep your designs basic and functional, our crews will accommodate whatever layout you prefer. The owners of this Kansas City area home wanted all the attention of the backyard to be on the beautiful rocks and the small stream that gives a true nature feel.

Keeping a simple deck design was the best choice for this backyard living space. With the dark lumber and premium railing, it was just the right touch to complete this area.

A Modern Look to Take This Deck to the Next Level

Patrick Vogt

A modern exterior design typically involves lots of white with back accents. That’s what these Kansas City area homeowners chose for their deck colors, and we think they nailed it! The white really pops when paired with the black railing and dark exterior walls. It truly creates a very clean and sleek look for this backyard deck.

Similar to the first deck we featured in this article, this one also has plenty of space for gathering upstairs or underneath the deck. With this versatile design, you can choose to be upstairs on downstairs based on the weather conditions.

Patrick Vogt and his crews did another phenomenal job creating a beautiful and functional deck to fit this homeowner’s needs.

Patrick Vogt

If you would like to add a custom deck to your backyard living area, contact our team at By The Blade today. We specialize in outdoor living spaces, custom pools, and we’re also considered one of the best lawn and landscape companies in Parkville, Kansas City, and Leawood.

Give us a call today at 816-400-4144 or contact us online for more information. We look forward to assisting you on your next outdoor project.