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By The Blade Recommends Getting These 3 Supplies for Fall Lawn Care

By The Blade Recommends Getting These 3 Supplies for Fall Lawn Care

  • October 1, 2022

Fall has arrived in Parkville, and here at By The Blade, we know there are many people who don’t enjoy taking care of their lawns. That means it’s almost time for them to rejoice and say, “No more mowing until next spring!” Well, we’re here to tell those folks that there is still some work that needs to be done on their yards.

As a leading lawn and landscape company in Parkville, Patrick Vogt and our experts know that fall is a critical time to get some projects done to ensure your lawn stays healthy over the next several months. Sure, you won’t be mowing here in a few weeks, but your lawn may suffer if you don’t stay proactive in your lawn care duties.

Here are some supplies we suggest getting now, so you can be prepared for all your lawn care tasks in the next few weeks.

A Rake and Bags for Excess Leaves

Leaves contain beautiful colors in the fall, and a blanket of leaves laying on your yard may look beautiful at first. However, an abundance of leaves can block sunlight and moisture from getting to your grass. This can result in brown, dead grass in the spring.

Grab your rake, get some bags, and remove these excess leaves whenever possible. Even after your trees are bare, you can still get leaves in your yard that blow away from neighbors’ trees and yards. Remain diligent and rake and gather these leaves once they accumulate. You’ll be glad you did when spring comes.

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By The Blade Recommends Adding Fertilizer

As one of the best landscape design companies in Parkville, our team at By The Blade knows that late in the fall is one of the best times to apply fertilizer to your yard. Many fertilizers contain potassium which aids in root growth, drought tolerance, cold weather resistance, and disease protection. One important thing to remember when applying fertilizer is to avoid water sources if at all possible. If your yard is close to a creek, pond, or ditch with standing water, it is recommended that you avoid applying fertilizer within five feet of the water source.

Grass Seed to Choke Out Those Weeds

For all you lawn care novices out there, fertilizer and grass seed are not the same. Fertilizer helps the current grass grow while seed helps create new grass. Applying grass seed or overseeding in the fall is critical if you want a dense, lush lawn in the spring. In the fall, temperatures are still warm, the ground is still moist, and the nights are cool. These are some of the best conditions for grass seed to work effectively.

The seed needs to be in full contact with the soil and must remain moist until it germinates. This helps the seed get established before the weather turns extremely cold. If you are unsure how to apply grass seed effectively on your own, contact your lawn and landscape company in Parkville for assistance.

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If you need assistance with your yard this fall, By The Blade is ready to assist. Our team of professionals has been providing premium lawn care in the Kansas City area for over 25 years. We also specialize at building custom pools as well.

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