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Experience the Traditional Feel of this Historic Kansas City Estate Near Parkville

Experience the Traditional Feel of this Historic Kansas City Estate Near Parkville

  • May 20, 2021

Many satisfied customers consider By The Blade to be Leawood, Kansas City, and Parkville’s best landscaping company for multiple reasons. Our office may be based in Parkville, but we provide unmatched service to numerous locations throughout the Kansas City metro area. That is especially true for this historic home in Kansas City.

Now that spring is here, it is a time for rejuvenation, and the best landscape design companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City are chomping at the bit to brighten up the exterior of all metro area homes.  A beautifully landscaped home is the perfect oasis to retreat, relax, and enjoy outdoor tranquility.

When you have a dedicated reflection space, it offers a much-needed area to get away from the stresses and sensory overload of our modern world.  One of the reasons we are known by many as the best landscape construction company in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City is because we can create an outdoor living area for you that is free of distraction. This space can be an area you visit daily to nourish your state of being.

Patrick Vogt

You will see from the images that this classic Kansas City home was accented by breathtaking features from Kansas City and Parkville’s best landscaping company, By The Blade. When you trust our team of landscaping professionals, we can add many similar designs to your home that are featured in this beauty.  A few include:

Over 2,000 Plantings that Create a Mini-Botanical Garden

Nothing says Zen and relaxation like an assortment of various plants, trees, bushes, and flowers surrounding your home.  This design is perfect for meditation and yoga on a beautiful spring day in Kansas City.

Bench Seating

Added seating invites friends and loved ones to enjoy the peace and tranquility of your backyard garden.  Enjoy evening gatherings together while enjoying a bottle of wine and toasting all the memorable times you have had together.

Reflection Areas

We all need our own space to simply stop and think for a few moments.  There’s no better place to engage in deep thought than in your outdoor living area surrounded by flowers, trees, and beautiful plants from end to end.

Patrick Vogt

Natural Stone Edging

The boundary of your home can still be a thing of beauty when you add exquisite stonework like the edging shown here. The quality and detail of this hardscaping is truly a sight to see, and it can be added to your home when you work with Patrick Vogt and his team of design experts.

High-End Outdoor Lighting

The bright, bold colors of the mini-botanical garden take over during the day, but then as the sun sets does the beauty fade away?  Not when you have customized outdoor lighting installed by Kansas City and Parkville’s best lawn and landscaping company. Our professionals will ensure that your home and garden are well illuminated for all to enjoy each evening.

Patrick Vogt

If you are looking for a reputable company in the greater Kansas City area for all your lawn, landscape, and hardscape needs, give us a call today at (816) 505-0444. You can also contact us online to request more information.

We look forward to assisting you with your next outdoor project!


Patrick Vogt