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Gorgeous Custom Stone and Stamped Patio in Parkville

Gorgeous Custom Stone and Stamped Patio in Parkville

  • May 10, 2021

By the Blade is considered one of the best landscape companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City because our professionals know how to take a simple backyard or back patio and turn it into the perfect place to sit outdoors and enjoy everything that nature has to offer.  Our team at By The Blade knows that in residential landscaping, there is no distinction between a home and the lawn. All of your property’s exterior space should blend together in harmony and into elements of nature we call home.

Outdoor elements such as decks, patios, pergolas, covered roof structures, and decorative fences are all critical components that ultimately define a backyard living space. As one of the best hardscape design companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City, we know that a custom patio should be designed to provide an outdoor oasis that not only adds beauty and value to your home but a space where family and friends can gather regularly. Your back patio can be way more than a place to sit and relax; it can be the place where meaningful memories are made without ever leaving home.

No doubt, many memories will be made at this beautiful back patio in Parkville. This particular family will get daily enjoyment from the many custom-designed features by Patrick Vogt and the entire team at By The Blade. These include: 

Custom Stone and Stamped Patio 

The customized stonework provides that extra sense of peace and comfort that makes you want to stay outside and soak in the fresh air all day and night. 

By The Blade

Raised Bed for an Herb or Flower Garden 

Speaking of fresh air, with a nearby herb and flower garden, it will feel like early spring all year round. 

Custom Lighting 

You and your guests can keep the good times going, even after the sun sets. Custom lighting adds that extra level of beauty to any outdoor living space. 

Natural Impressions Thyme-Stamped Concrete 

A traditional concrete slab can get the job done, but the aesthetic appeal of thyme-stamped concrete adds another touch of elegance and class to this peaceful setting. 

By The Blade

Seating Walls with Natural Stone Veneer Columns 

A wall that is both functional and artistic is just another way to enhance your patio area. It provides ample seating for guests without the need for extra patio furniture. 

By The Blade

As you can see by these images, a backyard patio and living space is the perfect spot to enjoy everything nature has to offer. These elements and many other features can all be yours when you work with By The Blade, one of the best landscape construction companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City.

No matter what you desire for your backyard, whether it’s beautiful water displays, custom stone features, beautiful pergolas, or a breathtaking backyard spa, our team at By The Blade can make it happen. When you work with Patrick Vogt and his hard-working crews, they will make sure all your outdoor living space fits all your needs.

To start planning the backyard of your dreams, give our team a call at (816) 505-0444 or contact us online today. We look forward to working with you!