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Summer Lawncare Tips from Patrick Vogt and By The Blade

Summer Lawncare Tips from Patrick Vogt and By The Blade

  • August 1, 2022

It’s been a blazing hot summer here in Parkville and throughout the Kansas City area. We certainly expect warm weather around these parts every summer, but this year it’s been even hotter than usual. Not to mention, many areas have been hit hard by below-average rainfall totals. These conditions have certainly taken their toll on many homeowners’ yards in Parkville, Kansas City, and numerous other nearby communities.

Many people are now looking for advice from Parkville’s best lawn and landscape company to help save their lawns. Here at By The Blade, we want your yard to survive this brutal summer heat and thrive going into fall. That’s why Patrick Vogt and his team of lawn and landscape professionals have compiled a short list of lawncare tips to help you out.

Mowing Tips

We all love the look of freshly cut grass that is cut very short. However, this isn’t a good idea for your lawn’s overall health for the long-term. Taller grass is much more resilient to hot weather conditions and droughts. When you’re mowing, set the cutting height so that you’re only cutting about 1/3 of the grass height.

Many people also make the mistake of wanting to bag or rake up all their grass clippings. Sure, it makes their yards look nice, but this is actually hurting the overall health of their lawns. The best lawn and landscape companies in Parkville recommend leaving your yard clippings behind. Eventually they will filter into the grass, decompose, and provide valuable nutrients in the process.

Patrick Vogt

Check for Overgrowth in Specific Areas

Even during a very dry summer season, certain areas of your yard may tend to grow more rapidly than others. Check around the perimeter of your home to see if any weeds have popped up and have them removed. Weeds can grow even without a significant water source, and they often grow rather quickly.

As a leading lawn and landscape company in Parkville, our team at By The Blade recommends inspecting areas near some of the most valuable parts of your home. You may have weeds growing near your AC condenser. Make sure these are removed so that they don’t block any part of your AC unit. After all, you need your AC to be working at 100% efficiency during these scorching hot summer days.

Flowers and Plants

Although your flowers and plants may not be a part of your lawn, they help accent your yard and make it look more appealing. The summer heat can attract insects, which love to feast and your plants and flowers. Pruning any dead leaves or flower heads can help reduce insect breeding.

Also, one of the most important pieces of growing healthy flowers and plants is water. Make sure your plants and flowers are watered on a daily basis, especially during stretches of several days with no significant rainfall. You may even want to water them multiple times each day. Otherwise, your home will be surrounded by unappealing, lifeless plants and flowers.

Patrick Vogt

If you’re looking for a premier lawn and landscape company in Parkville to help take your property to another level, contact Patrick Vogt and his team of lawncare experts at By The Blade. Since 1990, Patrick and his hard-working crews have been providing spectacular lawn and landscaping solutions to countless customers in the Kansas City area.

Contact us online today or call us at 816-400-4144. We look forward to assisting you with all your lawn and landscaping needs in Parkville.