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The Spectacular Stonework of a Parkville Backyard Retreat

The Spectacular Stonework of a Parkville Backyard Retreat

  • April 20, 2021

The best hardscape design companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City know that if your family loves nature and the outdoors, you’ll likely want to have it reflected in your backyard layout. Whether your family enjoys nature hikes, camping with friends, kayaking, canoeing, or trips to the lake, our team at By The Blade can bring a small taste of nature to your outdoor living area.

Nature can be the perfect retreat as it consists of finding harmony among everyday, ordinary things.  Just imagine, you’re relaxing on a peaceful stone patio and listening to the birds sing while the waterfall tumbles down the rocks and into a garden below.

Then as dusk fades and the fireflies dance, the fire lights up the night with its dramatic metal art logs.  It’s a space that dazzles the senses and brings outdoor living to life.  Your happiness awaits, and it can all be in the comfort of your own Kansas City backyard retreat designed by our team led by Patrick Vogt and his hard-working crew.

Let’s dive deeper into all the components of this peaceful backyard setting for these very happy nature-lovers in Parkville.  This layout is highlighted by the following features:

  • Pondless Waterfall
  • Stone Fire Feature with Metal Art Logs
  • Flagstone Patio
  • Stone Seating Bench
  • Landscaping

Pondless Waterfall

Even though you may not be in a tropical paradise, you can get a similar look and feel with this tranquil waterfall feature.  Grab some chairs, a few drinks, and invite over your friends for a relaxing night in your backyard with great company.

Stone Fire Feature with Metal Art Logs

No backyard living space is complete without some type of fire pit or outdoor wood stove.  Let your creativity take things up a notch with a unique stone fire feature that includes metal art logs.  This will ensure long nights of fun by the fire, especially during a chilly spring or fall evening.

Patrick Vogt

Flagstone Patio

As one of the best hardscape companies in Parkville, Leawood, and Kansas City, our team at By The Blade has constructed a unique flagstone patio made with the utmost quality and different levels of color to keep your patio looking bright for all to see.  This area is the perfect place to set up the grill, smoker, and some patio furniture for a perfect night of summer barbecue with friends and family.

Stone Seating Bench

Tell your guests to leave the camping chairs at home for your next outdoor event.  You’ve got a custom-made, stone seating bench made by one of the best hardscape companies in Parkville, and it will comfortably seat multiple guests during your outdoor event.


Of course, the perfect nature-themed backyard wouldn’t be complete without luscious plants and flowers to add extra beauty and vegetation to this outdoor living space. As Kansas City, Leawood, and Parkville’s best lawn and landscape company, our team takes immense pride in providing clients with gorgeous plant and flower arrangements that they can be proud of every single day.

Patrick Vogt

Led by Patrick Vogt, our crews at By The Blade are ready to make your backyard dreams come true.  To get started, give us a call at (816) 400-4144 and a member of our team will be glad to assist you.